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Silence in Paradise: Fighting extinction and infectious disease in Hawaiian birds

Christa Seidl

UC Santa Cruz

Lights, camera, surgery!

Muhammad Twaha Ibrahim

UC Irvine

“School really isn’t built for some kids”: Piloting an executive function screening system

Elissa Monteiro

UC Riverside

Next generation COVID-19 vaccines

Brandon Tsai


Learning without a brain

Deepa Rajan


From Pollutant to Fuel & New Products: Recycling carbon dioxide

Aneelman Brar

UC Merced

Grandmas, ghosts and genes

Julia Mouat

UC Davis

Shedding light on Alzheimer’s disease

Madison Browne

UC Berkeley

Turning on the tap

Annette Hilton

UC Santa Barbara

Soliloquizing: A self-practice towards better foreign language speaking fluency

Shang-En (Sean) Huang

UC San Diego