Grad Slam 2018 is over, but you can watch all the presentations!

Decoding Earth’s erratic history

Kimberley Kanani Bitterwolf

UC Santa Cruz

Info at your fingertips: an at-home cancer test

Alana Ogata

UC Irvine

Social identity from ancient Egypt to modern times

Marissa Stevens


Don’t go breaking my heart … again

Yiqi Cao


A stormwater solution

Joseph Charbonnet

UC Berkeley

At the mouth of health access

Tooka Zokaie

UC Davis

Language and synesthesia

Nicholas Root

UC San Diego

Reversing antibiotic resistance

Portia Mira

UC Merced

A safer world with fewer regrettable chemicals

Mengya Tao

UC Santa Barbara

A rapid blood test for stroke

Jessica Noll

UC Riverside