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Erasing tangos

Eric Johns

UC Riverside

99% useless?

An-Chieh Feng


Using zombie insects to find a cure for cancer

Tori Klein

UC Santa Cruz

The picky eater

Anthony Venida


Quantifying DNA methylation pseudotime to rewrite a cell’s fate

Leslie Heid

UC Irvine

Hot dads and super moms? Musseling up against marine heatwaves

Logan Kozal

UC Santa Barbara

Fact or fiction: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

Amelia Munson

UC Davis

Why can’t we all be friends? Complexities of childhood prejudice

Haleh Yazdi

UC San Diego

Hungry unicorns: how antennas in your neurons control appetite

Adélaïde Bernard

UC Berkeley

A new tool to fight invasive species

Shayna Bennett

UC Merced