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From Mucus Factory to Virus Factory: A novel gut virus’ global impact on children

Natalie Pedicino

UC Santa Cruz

Kill the cancer; spare the brain!

Onwodi Ifejeokwu

UC Irvine

Cerebellum: From (un)fashionable to pivotal science

Melis Çakar


Healthy forests, healthy humans

Kacie Ring

UC Santa Barbara

Thinking out Loud: Is self-talk a secret to success?

Shannon Brady

UC Riverside

The magic of language understanding

Ilina Bhaya-Grossman


Gut Viruses: Friends or foes?

Ambarish C. Varadan

UC Merced

A Bacterium’s Journey: From guts to brain

Victoria Chevée

UC Berkeley

The Brain: An exclusive VIP club

Iris Garcia-Pak

UC San Diego

Opening doors for Alzheimer’s disease care

Sasha Neil Pimento

UC Davis